Medication Refills
If you need a medication refill, please contact your pharmacy so that a request will be generated through the electronic medication system. This is the quickest way to get a refill completed. If you do not have your refill at the pharmacy after 24-48 hours, please contact the office at 817-263-0007 to ensure that we received the pharmacy’s request. If we did not receive the pharmacy’s request, we will be able to enter a request for refill at this time. If your refill is denied, you will need to schedule an appointment prior to being issued a medication refill. If your medication is no longer covered by your insurance, please contact your insurance to find a comparable medication that is in their formulary prior to contacting DTC, so that your provider may consider this new medication. If you discover that your medication requires a prior authorization, please find first if there is an approved comparable. If there is no comparable medication and a prior authorization must be completed, please contact DTC to notify us of your need for a prior authorization. Please be aware that a prior authorization approval from your insurance may take more than one week to receive.

Sample Medications
DTC no longer provides patients with samples routinely. Instead, samples are limited to new medication starts and at the time of appointment. If you are unable to afford your medication, please contact your insurance to find out what a more affordable comparable medication may be. Once you have received this information, please utilize NextMd and let the medical receptionist know of your medication expense concern and the possible comparable drug so that we may see if your physician is comfortable changing your medication.